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Wade's Priorities

Secure the Border

The unrestricted southern border poses an immediate public safety crisis demanding attention. Allowing a continuous influx of unidentified illegal aliens to cross our border exposes our communities to the threats of dangerous drugs, human trafficking, and cartel activities.

Parental Rights and Educational Freedom

Parents, rather than the government, hold the primary role as caretakers and decision-makers for their children across all aspects of life. This is particularly true when it comes to choices regarding education. The decision of whether to enroll children in public school, private school, or pursue homeschooling is entirely within the discretion of the parents.

Restore Election Integrity

Texas should increase felony penalties and implement additional civil penalties for election fraud to discourage those who are undermining our election integrity. Texas needs clear jurisdiction for the Attorney General and local authorities to prosecute election fraud to the full extent of the law.

Protect our Families

Although Texas swiftly halted child gender modification, this marks just the initial phase in safeguarding Texas families and children. Subsequent legislation is imperative to impart enforceability to this law. I am committed to championing our traditional family values and preventing the encroachment of the woke left on our American way of life, particularly in safeguarding our children from indoctrination in schools.

Eliminate Property Taxes

Republicans have consistently championed the right of Texans to own their property without perpetual property tax obligations. I plan to introduce legislation aiming to phase out property taxes and explore other avenues of generating income.

Ban Democrat Chairs

Republican-controlled chambers must not relinquish authority to Democrats with a fundamentally different vision for Texas than our founders intended. I am committed to steadfastly advancing the Republican Priorities as voted on by the Republican Delegates.

Abolish Abortion

I hold the belief that every individual is created in the image of God. According to the Bible, Mary was with child, not with a fetus. My stance is in support of the sanctity of life, advocating for prioritizing adoption over abortion. I firmly believe that abortion is unacceptable at any stage of pregnancy.

Protect Medical Liberty

I stand with the Republican Party of Texas’ call to protect the natural, inalienable right to refuse vaccination or other medical treatments in the Texas Bill of Rights. I will fight any tyrannical mandates that violate the medical freedom of Texans.

Defend the Second Amendment

Any attempts at gun control represent a breach of the 2nd Amendment and our inherent rights bestowed by God. I am steadfast in defending your gun rights against any threats and will actively work to eradicate “gun-free zones” in Texas. These zones are, without a doubt, among the most dangerous places to be.


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