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Wade Cowan

Conservative for Texas House 83



Support from Texans just like you fuel our campaign.




Wade Cowan is a rugged conservative businessman, farmer and fighter for agriculture determined to unseat the entrenched career politician, Dustin Burrows. 

Wade, like most voters in District 83, believes it’s high time to bring fresh energy and a strong conservative voice to our district, which has long been overshadowed by Austin’s dirty politics.

"I do not like Austin, but I have realized there is a necessity here for someone to stand up for our district's interest. Our current representative feels he’s too cool for school.

He’s just another smooth-talking lawyer spreading empty promises he can’t keep. Being a lap dog for the establishment isn’t benefiting our district. I will not be swayed by politicians in Austin. I’m committed to fighting for Texans rather than bowing to political pressures."

Our current representative, Dustin Burrows, has become a hindrance to our conservative way of life. Instead of being our voice, he’s often preoccupied with serving the interests of political elites. Dustin Burrows has used his time in Austin to be a lap dog to the Speaker. Beaumont already has a liberal representative as the House Speaker; it doesn’t need another.

As an 8th-generation farmer, Wade is deeply rooted in the agricultural community. He understands the importance of nurturing a better Texas while upholding our core values. He firmly believes that liberal policies have taken a toll on rural America, and he is determined to reverse this trend.

Texas, with its rugged individualism, has been the bedrock of American resilience, and Wade Cowan is dedicated to preserving this spirit. He is fed up with self-dealing lawyers in Austin, and he firmly believes that it’s time for a farmer to fight for our interests in the state capital.

Dustin Burrows has supported political power plays that have often stifled conservative policies. Wade is committed to restoring our conservative values and ensuring they’re never compromised.

Wade Cowan’s advocacy extends beyond local borders. He’s represented Texas farmers in 17 countries, tirelessly working to protect our agricultural interests. He strongly supports measures to prevent Chinese communists from acquiring our precious farmland. Prior to running for office, Wade has been involved with the American Soybean Association for several years. He served as the organization’s president from 2014-2015 and then as Chairman from 2015-2016.

Wade Cowan is not your typical politician. He’s a passionate fighter for conservative values, rural prosperity, and the preservation of our Texan way of life. With Wade Cowan as our representative, Texas House District 83 will finally have a strong, dedicated voice fighting for the interests of our community.


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